Lego kit review: Friends: Heartlake Pizzeria

I know it has been a bit since I posted. Between the connectivity issues, getting ready for my daughter’s visit and the visit itself and the Game expo yesterday I got way behind. I will do my best to get back into the swing of posting daily.

Now the hubby brought this kit home unexpectedly for me.  I really should have been doing other things but building a Friends kit is not too hard so I built this one and another up over the weekend.

As you can see from the pictures the pinks and blues have been toned down big time. We have sand colored bricks, red, white and green and of course white. since we found an OLD base plate in our clean up I used it for the base for this kit instead of the light lavender one it comes with.

In this kit you get two mini dolls. One boy and one girl and the hair on the boy can be easily used on other mini figs. You start out building the three wheeled delivery car which ads a nice little vehicle to the fleet I have. It is really pretty simple to build as it only has three wheels but you do get back doors that open which is cool and inside you have two pizza boxes!

The shop itself is fun and I can see how we will be working this into our city. There is a brick pizza oven and other stations you would expect in this type of shop. It was cool to get a whole package of blue dishes, forks, knives and cook wear. It made this a more finished place than you would expect.

All in all no a tough build. I mean I was pretty fuzzy headed from the heat at the expo and staying up way later than normal with my oldest child during her visit but I still built it in under a half hour. A good kit for sure for an evening with your kids or for yourself.


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