My dfaughter is way too talented

Over the holiday my daughter made art for my husband and I. cute little things that I will post up later but right now I wanted to post up the paintings and a piece of art she did for her class at school.

Last year I posted up this image


This lovely painting was for Mother’s Day last year. Well for her father’s birthday she decided that a matching painting was needed. She lined up the next canvas with this one and here is what she did.


Yeah I know the image is fuzzy but this a man in a tux to match the lovely lady in the  gown. The painting on on my wall and definitely wonderful.

The last image really didn’t come up so well but this piece amazed me. Usually my daughter does a more anime style to her art but in classes she had to do something real and totally filled out.


When I first looked this i thought it was a print but it isn’t. She had to do this with pencil and no it is not a copy of an image. She is really that good.

As you can tell I am proud of my daughter. All of my girls have amazing abilities but my youngest is the best artist for sure.


No lego today

Yup no lego mocs or kits this morning. So I thought why not just post up something else right? After all I draw, sculpt and many other things.


This Elf was from a long time ago. She was my fan fiction character for an Elfquest Holt from before sharing stories on the net. I don’t have those old stories any more but luckily I had scanned this one in ages ago.

Anniversary card 2017

Well Like I mentioned before my wedding anniversary was on Thursday. I decided to draw my hubby a card like i did for Father’s day. There is a bit of a theme. Where the one was a father and daughter, anime style of my youngest and her dad, this card is referencing the fact that when I met my hubby he was going by Fox.

So yes they are us but not really. I am not this pretty or young!


Busy week last week

Yup I did drawings and paintings and sculpture all in one week. Just a lot of fun for sure. Here is a mix of what I have done

100_0763 100_0762 These are both done with charcoals

100_0765 And this was supposed to be metallic pencils.

100_0769 100_0768

New this pair of images were done with water color pencils. The first one, the dragon, for some reason would not turn into a painting but the second one did fine.  I will have to try again I guess.

I have all ready put up my newest dragon. The cute purple and white one that is holding his tea cup. Today I will do another one or two and see what I come up with. Making little friends who are holding things is actually a lot of fun.