Halloween and Lego

While i have been off the blog front for the past few weeks I have been doing stuff. Though to be accurate my hubby has. He took our beginnings of a city and decided we needed to make it ready for Halloween! Yup he set up the square with a police blockade with little saw horses, A fire engine and of course a bunch of kids in costumes trick or treating at the shops in the square. It is sweet and quite fun. My hubby plans on doing a Christmas take on our town too! So here are the photos for now.


Lego Kit Review: Ninjago: Tiger Widow Island

Okay the latest in the kits my hubby picked up out of his favorite lines is this one. It was released in 2016 but well we are on a tight budget so we wait till things on are deep discount for the larger kits.

This kit only actually has 450 pieces but was a little pricey up here in Canada. But for what he paid it is worth a look and a build and of course a review.

Now he sat down and built this while I was catching up on my favorite youtube channels so I am not sure exactly how long a build it is but it has a lot of fun features and it comes with four minifigs and one bigger fig (not sure what they call those myself)

It has best of all this really cool printed glass door (okay it is plastic but use your imagination) Because the Ninjago world is basically ninjas you should expect a lot of interesting Japanese and Chinese motifs in these sets and this door is one of them.

Also this set was from the wave when the Ninjago world was basically doing steampunk, which made me happy. Sensei Wu is flying a wash tub balloon which is much cooler than it sounds. He has his trademarked hat in the kit but while he is ballooning he wears an aeronaut’s hat with goggles.

There are a lot of plant pieces, always a plus to those of use building mocs. and the unprinted minifig heads are used here are pineapple grenades. This kit was before they made those with printing but still a cool little extra.

In this you build a bridge leading to the temple like building where a special sword is hidden behind a moveable funky door piece and you are protecting it and the base from the rampaging big fig.

All in all a color and fun kit with lots of pieces that you can use in other builds. Including my favorite, the door, but also a crab. The first crab we have in our collection in fact.

Lego Kit Review: DC Super Heroes: Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

Okay since I have been SLLLOOWWWWW on getting my mocs together and since my hubby is a total sweet heart and got me this set, I thought I would review it.

These kits are really just little mocs or micro builds. They dont take more than 20 minutes to put together but as you can see from the photos they are fun and have great parts.

In this case Wonder Womans invisible micro car is filled with a ton of clean slopes and other pieces.  In fact because the vehicle is almost entirely clear building her car is the hardest part of the set. Lining up little squares is a lot easier when you have color!

Doomsday has only one real issue to me. His little ponytail of hair doesn’t click in firmly so you can knock it out easily. Everything else on his build is pretty easy and works out great.

Now i will say these are not full sized mini figs. To fit in the vehicles, Lego has given them children’s legs. But if you plan on using them out of this set you can pretty much either switch out the legs with other mini figs or go someplace like brickset.com and buy the legs for under a buck.

All in all a good build which I will of course enjoy.  Now that I have Wonder Woman’s invisi car and motor cycle the next step is getting her jet right?

Mix up Lego Moc: The Lich Dragon’s Horde

Okay this moc is a mix of Lego, Kreo, and Mega Blocks. I use what I have and most of the Legos are my hubby’s.

This is a continuation of the first three parts. While the Princess waits for a hero she doesn’t think she needs, the Wizard and his men guard the crumbling tower and the Orcs plan a raid, the Lich Dragon has decided that the King’s Castle has too much treasure to be left alone. He has already taken two chests but the pesky archers are filling his bones with arrows a the king yells at his absent minded queen to get out of danger! She just ants to know where her little baby girl is, after all she left her teddy bear behind.

Lego Kit Review: Friends: Heartlake Gift Delivery

Yup here is the other kit I built this weekend. This fun little kit comes with mini dolls of course and you get to build a delivery truck. Yup one more vehicle for my fleet. This was a very fast build for me.

While the truck is a full build and you have space to put the gift boxes that are brick built and filled with some item the store front is rather small. Now this is both a good and bad thing. As I have said before we are combining all the Friends builds we have into the City builds and our original mocs. It will make for a more interesting and diverse townscape for sure.

The images here show you what you get. If you like  fast and easy builds this s for you or if you want to make it part of a larger city good.

Lego kit review: Friends: Heartlake Pizzeria

I know it has been a bit since I posted. Between the connectivity issues, getting ready for my daughter’s visit and the visit itself and the Game expo yesterday I got way behind. I will do my best to get back into the swing of posting daily.

Now the hubby brought this kit home unexpectedly for me.  I really should have been doing other things but building a Friends kit is not too hard so I built this one and another up over the weekend.

As you can see from the pictures the pinks and blues have been toned down big time. We have sand colored bricks, red, white and green and of course white. since we found an OLD base plate in our clean up I used it for the base for this kit instead of the light lavender one it comes with.

In this kit you get two mini dolls. One boy and one girl and the hair on the boy can be easily used on other mini figs. You start out building the three wheeled delivery car which ads a nice little vehicle to the fleet I have. It is really pretty simple to build as it only has three wheels but you do get back doors that open which is cool and inside you have two pizza boxes!

The shop itself is fun and I can see how we will be working this into our city. There is a brick pizza oven and other stations you would expect in this type of shop. It was cool to get a whole package of blue dishes, forks, knives and cook wear. It made this a more finished place than you would expect.

All in all no a tough build. I mean I was pretty fuzzy headed from the heat at the expo and staying up way later than normal with my oldest child during her visit but I still built it in under a half hour. A good kit for sure for an evening with your kids or for yourself.

Lego Kit Review: Ninjago: Spinjitsu Training

This is one of the starter kits for the newest wave of Ninjago kits. This is of course for the new movie that will be out next month.

Now As you can see a small kit but the small ones can have some fun things in them. You have two mini figs, a training dummy that bobs about, a few new pieces and even a printed piece.

Only took the hubby about fifteen minutes with interruptions to build this one but I can see this being a great kit for those visiting grandkids or nieces and nephews. Something they can build and play with and leave the adults alone, unless of course the adults want to play with it!