Updating the quilt in progress

Okay months ago I mentioned working on a quilt, my very first try in fact. Well between working on my illustrated childrens book, encouraging my daughter’s budding artistic magic, coming up with new recipes, being sick and well trying to find my missing muse I hadn’t picked up my material pieces.

Now I had told you readers that I was using up old bed skirts, old stained flannel sheets and whatever I could find round the house. I had posted the photos of the cut squares but got stymied when my sewing machine decided to go all dead on me.

Well working up the courage I decided I would finally hand sew all the squares. Sitting down while watching movies and tv shows I stitched and stitched and stitched. Just how many squares I made I am not sure but I believe i have enough for two smaller quilts.

Doing the running stitch was soothing after a while and by going back to the first stitches my Nana taught me when I was five I found that they got better as I did. You see if you haven’t hand sewn much it takes a lot of practice to get better. And if you haven’t hand sewn in years like me, it is good to find that it comes right back.

Once I finished up all the squares they looked pretty much like this.


Not the best photo I know but hey you can see that I put those pieces together. The weight of these are going to be perfect for a nice spring/summer quilt to put on my bed.

Now the next step is of course something that matches up the squares. Now I could have done the ragged edge style that I researched but then I spotted something interesting. I decided to do a blanket stitch around the edges. Once I get all the squares done I will move on to a single crochet stitch around the edge and then connect them that way. Should make an interesting quilt right?

Well here is a photo of the blanket stitch. The second stitch that we all learn when we are taught to sew. Or should I say when we were taught to show. I know that kids nowadays just dont get all the lessons I did as a girl.



My dfaughter is way too talented

Over the holiday my daughter made art for my husband and I. cute little things that I will post up later but right now I wanted to post up the paintings and a piece of art she did for her class at school.

Last year I posted up this image


This lovely painting was for Mother’s Day last year. Well for her father’s birthday she decided that a matching painting was needed. She lined up the next canvas with this one and here is what she did.


Yeah I know the image is fuzzy but this a man in a tux to match the lovely lady in the  gown. The painting on on my wall and definitely wonderful.

The last image really didn’t come up so well but this piece amazed me. Usually my daughter does a more anime style to her art but in classes she had to do something real and totally filled out.


When I first looked this i thought it was a print but it isn’t. She had to do this with pencil and no it is not a copy of an image. She is really that good.

As you can tell I am proud of my daughter. All of my girls have amazing abilities but my youngest is the best artist for sure.

Halloween and Lego

While i have been off the blog front for the past few weeks I have been doing stuff. Though to be accurate my hubby has. He took our beginnings of a city and decided we needed to make it ready for Halloween! Yup he set up the square with a police blockade with little saw horses, A fire engine and of course a bunch of kids in costumes trick or treating at the shops in the square. It is sweet and quite fun. My hubby plans on doing a Christmas take on our town too! So here are the photos for now.

Yes I am still here

For those of you who have been wondering where I went over the past few weeks well I have been working on turning my novels, collections and illustrated stories into sellable books. I have turned a lot of my work into paperbacks hoping that I will get some more attention.

If you are interested you can find my paperbacks of the following books on Amazon.

As Lisa Williamson

Beyond Realities

Fall Into Nightmares

Death Walks Through

Distance Means Little to Love

Echoes of Elder Times




Where Angels No Longer Tread

Generations of Love

Guardians of the Gate City

Love Loss and Lonelines

Magic and Nightmares

Mythos of Love

Pleasant Moments

Quick Flashes of Fiction

Reflections in Drabble

To Save Face or Family

The Traveler

Worlds Apart

As LA Mason

If I could Fly

Yes I have others I haven’t yet turned into paperbacks but I am taking a break because it can be very frustrating to do this. I am still working on the various illustrated stories I have been posting. I need to remove my handwritten words and type them in to be easier to read. I have also discovered that the multiple tales I have need more work to be considered finished. Hopefully the children’s and young adult stories will catch an audience.

For those of you who have read my work, I do thank you. While very few of you have gone on to review them at least a handful of you have tried out my various stories.

I will get back to publishing on my various blogs the items that they are for. Expect new tales, new reviews, new photos, new recipes and so much more when possible.

Lego Kit Review: DC Super Heroes: Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman vs Doomsday

Okay since I have been SLLLOOWWWWW on getting my mocs together and since my hubby is a total sweet heart and got me this set, I thought I would review it.

These kits are really just little mocs or micro builds. They dont take more than 20 minutes to put together but as you can see from the photos they are fun and have great parts.

In this case Wonder Womans invisible micro car is filled with a ton of clean slopes and other pieces.  In fact because the vehicle is almost entirely clear building her car is the hardest part of the set. Lining up little squares is a lot easier when you have color!

Doomsday has only one real issue to me. His little ponytail of hair doesn’t click in firmly so you can knock it out easily. Everything else on his build is pretty easy and works out great.

Now i will say these are not full sized mini figs. To fit in the vehicles, Lego has given them children’s legs. But if you plan on using them out of this set you can pretty much either switch out the legs with other mini figs or go someplace like brickset.com and buy the legs for under a buck.

All in all a good build which I will of course enjoy.  Now that I have Wonder Woman’s invisi car and motor cycle the next step is getting her jet right?


I got so caught up working on making digital illustrated books that I didn’t do a Lego build today. I will work on a biggish one tonight. After all need to tie together the Elf Princess, the Orcs and the Wizard with his men right? We will see where it is going tonight.

Thanks for your patience!

Lego Kit Review: Friends: Heartlake Gift Delivery

Yup here is the other kit I built this weekend. This fun little kit comes with mini dolls of course and you get to build a delivery truck. Yup one more vehicle for my fleet. This was a very fast build for me.

While the truck is a full build and you have space to put the gift boxes that are brick built and filled with some item the store front is rather small. Now this is both a good and bad thing. As I have said before we are combining all the Friends builds we have into the City builds and our original mocs. It will make for a more interesting and diverse townscape for sure.

The images here show you what you get. If you like  fast and easy builds this s for you or if you want to make it part of a larger city good.