Due to connectivity issues with WordPress I have not been posting. I will be back to daily posting on Monday.


No lego today

Yup no lego mocs or kits this morning. So I thought why not just post up something else right? After all I draw, sculpt and many other things.


This Elf was from a long time ago. She was my fan fiction character for an Elfquest Holt from before sharing stories on the net. I don’t have those old stories any more but luckily I had scanned this one in ages ago.

Lego Kit Review: Ninjago: Spinjitsu Training

This is one of the starter kits for the newest wave of Ninjago kits. This is of course for the new movie that will be out next month.

Now As you can see a small kit but the small ones can have some fun things in them. You have two mini figs, a training dummy that bobs about, a few new pieces and even a printed piece.

Only took the hubby about fifteen minutes with interruptions to build this one but I can see this being a great kit for those visiting grandkids or nieces and nephews. Something they can build and play with and leave the adults alone, unless of course the adults want to play with it!


Lisa Lego Mocs: Southside Vet Clinic

I had a fun time trying to build this one from extra parts. The camption kinda say is call

“Here at the Southside pop up vet clinic we will spay or nueter any pet you bring in for one low cost. No matter the pet it is only $19.95. Our cost are low because our over head is low.”


Yes the photo is a bit blurry but you can see she has a rabbit, a bull dog and a skunk waiting for service.