Lisa Lego Mocs: House of Windows

All are welcome at Glass House but beware if you bring evil within your heart for Angels protect the innocent.




Lisa Lego Mocs: Southside Vet Clinic

I had a fun time trying to build this one from extra parts. The camption kinda say is call

“Here at the Southside pop up vet clinic we will spay or nueter any pet you bring in for one low cost. No matter the pet it is only $19.95. Our cost are low because our over head is low.”


Yes the photo is a bit blurry but you can see she has a rabbit, a bull dog and a skunk waiting for service.

Kit review: Lego City Airport starter kit

Well today I thought I would review this fast build kit the hubby picked up for me. He tends to get me kits with a lot of mini figs, which is not at all an issue. I do love making up stories for the little guys for sure. But I do enjoy building this kits, big or small.

Now like most starter kits you dont get a lot of parts. This one has only 81 pieces but you do get some great little builds. As you can see from the photos below you have a nice helicopter or as I used to call them as a kid, a dragonfly copter. One minifig fits nicely in the cockpit of the post office air mail carrier.

You get four printed tiles, three are letters and one is the cockpit dials, along with three stickers. The other builds in this are a mailbox on stand, two two wheeled dollies and what I believe is supposed to be a fuel drum for the helicopter.

So a lot of band for the buck, this is a low cost kit after all. A quick build, took me about 15 minutes and a lot of play ability with a rotor that actually turns on the helicopter.

Lisa Lego Moc: So there are these thugs?

Just another little moc. These little builds are fun to do and inspired by the minifigs that are in my collection. I saw these three guys and immediately a story appeared in my head.

So these three thugs meet under a street lamp to put together a plan to take over. Just what they aren’t saying but you know it is something bad. After all a zombie pirate, an orc and a chima guy with a skull on his head, what could they be doing? Talking girl scout cookies?